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What is a Wikispace?
A Wikispace, in simple terms, is a group of web pages with “edit” buttons on them. You can collaborate with anyone you choose on your wikispace. You may want a place to keep information about your organization, or to easily manage your team's schedules. Wikispaces is simple enough for anyone to use, but has enough sophistication so that you can be creative and get things done.
If you are looking for more about what a wiki is, Common Craft has a simple and clear explanation. Take a look at their video.
What can I do with my Wikispace?Wikispaces is very flexible and you can do many things with it, whether in your classroom, company, or community group.
  • As an educator, you can use your wikispace to post homework assignments, facilitate a classroom project, collaborate with an international classroom, communicate with parents or other teachers, or provide a wiki for classroom discussion and feedback.
  • As a business, you can use Wikispaces to organize schedules or projects, build an Intranet, or create a forum to interact with your customers.
  • As a non-profit, Wikispaces can help you organize activities and collaborate with various levels of your organization, share documents and resources with co-workers, and engage your members and volunteers.

Getting Started
  • Go to
  • Type a username, password and an email address (Now you have your first wiki site)
  • Click on the edit button above to put your own content on this page.
  • To invite new members, click on Manage Wiki and Invite People.
  • To change your wiki's colors or theme, click on Manage Wiki and Look and Feel.
  • To set who can view and edit your wiki, click on Manage Wiki and Permissions.